Grape juice, the healthy choice!


The distinct characteristic of homemade grape juice is that it is made without nasty preservatives or harmful chemicals. This makes it a very healthy choice for a diet and guess what, it's not difficult to make at all. Just read this short guide and you'll be a pro in no time.


The main and only ingredient you will need to make grape juice are the grapes of your choice.

Making the grape juice

Step 1

Remove the grapes from their stems. Do this by carefully and softly plucking the grapes off their stems to prevent draining them of all the juice because obviously we will need this for the later stages.

Step 2

The next step is to remove chemicals off the grapes by carefully washing them. If you have a colander, this will be pretty simple but if you don't, then you need to use your hands to do this. Also, it's important to note that when washing your grapes, you need to use warm not cold water.

Step  3

After you are done with washing the grapes. You now have to mash the grapes. This is a simple process and to do this you can use the regular potato masher. Mash them until the juice begins to come out of the grapes. An alternative is to use a blender but be careful when blending because you don't have to blend them until they become puree.

Step 4

This is the step that makes the grape juice. pour the mashed grapes and their juice into a pot or container and heat them for about 10 minutes while stirring. While doing this, you should be mashing your grapes some more to ensure that no unmashed grapes remain.

Step 5

In this step, pour your juice into another container using a sieve to obtain only the pour juice. This can be long process that will take at least 12 hours to complete. After all the juice has been filtered you can cool your grape juice for a few minutes in a refrigerator and enjoy your juice. 

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