Blueberry Oat Green Smoothie


It is always great to have natural fruit juices when compared to the carbonated ones. The carbonated drinks have their disadvantages but we would like to concentrate on the benefits of having natural fruit juices or smoothies alone.

Our body would relish having an abundant supply of natural fruits, whole grains, proteins, and milk. The Blueberry Oat Green Smoothie is the perfect example of all these ingredients put together. This drink can not only be delicious but also is able to keep you energized for a long time.

The best part of the smoothie is that it does not tale more than five minutes for you to prepare the same.

Let us have a look at the recipe in brief.

The list of ingredients should be as follows.

· A cup of frozen blueberries should be enough. It is good to wash them clean before freezing them. It would be a good idea to pinch and remove the stalk just before the preparation.

· Half a cup of rolled oats is enough for the preparation of one large smoothie.

· Take one large banana and cut it into small pieces and freeze them.

· Half a cup of spinach is great to give you the right amount of iron.

· It is good to have half a cup of non-fat Greek yogurt.

· Two tablespoons of honey should be the best alternative to using sugar.

· Flax seed has an excellent capacity to fight fat. Use one tablespoon of ground flaxseed.

· You can have milk but remember not to add any sugar. Alternatively, you can have almond milk.

The preparation:

Put the blueberries and the oats in a blender and pulse a few times so that you are able to crush them. Now, add all the other ingredients one by one and blend until you have a smooth drink. You can have this smoothie straight from the blender itself.

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