High levels of Arsenic May be in your Apple Juice


“An apple a day can keep the doctor away.” This statement should be true because everyone knows the benefits of eating apples. One of the healthiest fruits available in Nature, the apple has the capacity to improve our resistance to various diseases.

At least that was we used to think until very recently. His can raise a few eyebrows immediately. Research conducted by the US FDA in mid-2016 on the components of apple juice has produced startling results. The FDA conducted research on samples taken from a fruit processing plant in Sunnyside, WA. The results showed that the apple juice manufactured at the plant had abnormally high levels (up to nine times higher than allowed by law i.e. 10 parts per billion) of arsenic.

Now, everyone knows the ill effects of arsenic. Studies show that prolonged exposure to inorganic arsenic can lead to cancer, skin lesions, cardiovascular diseases, neurotoxicity, as well as diabetes in humans.

You can argue that arsenic is a naturally occurring element in the environment. In fact there are two types of arsenic, organic arsenic and inorganic arsenic. The organic arsenic contains carbon that prevents it from entering the cells. A variety of foods such as fish, fruits, vegetables, and grains contain organic arsenic. However, inorganic arsenic does not contain carbon and thus can enter the cells creating havoc. Inorganic arsenic is toxic and classified as a carcinogen. It can surprise you that 100 milligrams or arsenic is enough to kill you.

Under these circumstances, it is truly startling that the US FDA found arsenic in abnormally high levels in your apple juice. Therefore, drinking this juice can be harmful to health. Therefore, we can modify the first statement we made in this blog. It should now read as, “A glass of apple juice per day can make you go in search of a doctor.” 

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