Healthy Mango Passion Fruit Juice Recipe


The Mango is the King of the Fruits. One of the best and tastiest varieties of mangoes available in the market is the Alphonso Mango from India. There are many ways of eating the Alphonso Mango.

You can enjoy the goodness of the fruit if you eat it whole as a fruit. However, remember not to eat the rind. It can spoil the sweetness of the fruit. This fruit has a comparatively harder skin as compared to other varieties of mangoes.

Another way to enjoy the fruit is by preparing mango Juice. This is a beautiful way to enjoy the goodness of these mangoes. We shall just see the recipe for preparing this excellent mango juice.

The Ingredients:

· Two or three ripe and succulent Alphonso mangoes

· About five teaspoons of Sugar

· Two to three glasses of pure milk

The Recipe:

· Wash the mangoes clean because the ripe fruits can contain traces of insecticides and pesticides.

· Peel off the skin of the mangoes and remove the pulp. Throw away the seed.

· Put the mango slices in a juicer and add the milk and sugar to it.

· Run the juicer for about 15 to 30 seconds

· The juice is ready.

This juice can easily serve three to four people. You can add ice if you require but it is always advisable to have unadulterated fruit juice. The presence of ice can dilute the juice thereby robbing the richness of the taste of the mangoes.

In case you want chilled juice, you can keep the juice in the refrigerator for about half an hour. That should be enough.

As far as possible, prepare the juice and have it immediately. Never eat stale juice. In fact, no one would have the heart to keep the juice in the refrigerator. The juice can be tasty enough to finish it in a single stroke.  

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