Why Recall Popular Children’s Drink Bug Juice


In the US and other developed countries, you have the concept of summer camps where the children go out in groups and have loads of fun. During such camps, the children have cool drinks made from powdered mixes such as Kool Aid. The juice had a special slang name, The Bug Juice.

It got its name from the Walt Disney reality series by the same name that premiered on ABC Television in 1998. The series concentrated on the adventures of about 20 school kids at the summer camps detailing the experiences for the benefit of others.

This was an extremely popular television series. The series showed school children drinking these sweet juices at the camps and having lots of fun. Bug Juice International Inc. is the company manufacturing these sweet juices. As the popularity of the juices increased, so too did the performance of the company.

However, the company was in the news for the wrong reasons last year sometime around March 2016. The Company had to take an unpleasant decision of recalling all the juice bottles from the market because they suspected possible contamination by plastic and metal shavings.

The Company does not have any role to play in the problem at all. These contaminated bottles were found at a facility neither owned nor operated by the Company. However, the Company did not want to take any chances. They have a reputation to maintain.

These contaminated drinks were from a particular batch released in February 2016. The products had codes ending with the letter C and the bottles had the markings OBC. A lot of bottles were already in the market. Some might have been in the refrigerators as well in the homes of people. Hence they recalled the 46,406 bottles in the market at that particular moment in time. They also encouraged the customers to throw away the bottles that they possessed at that time.

See the extent to which a Company can go to maintain its reputation. It is a commendable initiative. 

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